The Polygon JMI company’s mission is to create and develop innovative products and services focused on the client and on their benefits. The conducted implementation tasks relate to mobile information and communication technologies and their application in advanced services in the field of early prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases and the promotion of active and healthy lifestyle.



“SMARTFITT- kompleksowy, wirtualny doradca personalny w zakresie dobrostanu psycho-fizycznego, jako element wczesnej profilaktyki NCDs” [SMARTFITT – a comprehensive, virtual personal consultant in the field of psychophysical well-being, as part of early prevention of NCDs] The online platform will be an alternative to traditional forms of early prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases. Providing the platform with the appropriate “toolkit” will allow users to carry out a comprehensive, objective diagnosis and assessment of their “health potential”. Continuous monitoring of physical activity, mode and lifestyle as well as diet and nutrition is another pillar of the proposed e-service. Monitoring results will be the basis for setting real and attainable health goals for the users with specific action plans and programs. The implementation of the programmed actions will be part of an early prevention of NCDs contributing to the improvement of health, while rejecting the recommendations will reduce the health potential.

Marketing strategy developed for the proposed e-service provides for the brand’s different name than the title of the project. The new name will determine the designed service in the context of the whole proposal. Until the launch of the product, the brand name is kept secret…




We achieve business objectives in collaboration with other economic actors as well as national and foreign institutions. In business partnership, Polygon JMI applies the principle of partnership based on mutual trust and mutual financial benefits.

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In this section, we will present current offers targeted at potential collaborators. We are looking forward to doing business with companies and individuals. Our proposals and invitations to submit tenders are intended for selecting in a competition the best offers for cooperation that are available on the market.



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